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Other Services and Fees


Replace Debit Card $4.00
Cross-Border Transaction (ISA) Fee  .09% of the transaction
Currency Conversion (CCA) Fee  .02% of the transaction
Cashier's Check $3.00
Money Order $3.00
Official Check $3.00
Starter or Temporary Checks $5.00 for 6
Estate Account Opening Fee $15.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Check  $25.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (preauthorized debit) $25.00
Recurring Overdraft (every 7 days overdrawn) $25.00
Deposited Checks (returned unpaid) $5.00
Account Activity Print-Out or Copy of Statement $1.00 per page
Account Research or Balancing  $15.00 per hour
Copy of Image $1.00 each
Overdraft Protection $10.00 set-up fee - $2.00 per transfer
Early Account Closing (within 30 days) $25.00
Account Force Re-Open $5.00

Bill Pay - Monthly Fee
(First 3 Months Free,
Applies to Free & Regular Checking) 


Bill Pay - Inactivity Fee
(Fee after 3 inactive months, 
Applies to Gold Preferred & Relationship Checking) 

Stop Payment (All Items) $25.00
Wire Transfer (Incoming) $10.00
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $15.00
Wire Transfer (International) $20.00 plus cost
Coin Wrapping  10% of coin total
Outside Check Cashed 1% of check ($3.00 minimum)
On-Us Check Cashed (non-customer) 1% of check (if total is over $1,000)
Copies .25 per side
Notary Service free for customers; $2.00 for non-customers 
Night Deposit Bag $10.00 annually
Safe Deposit Box Rental $15.00-$75.00 annual fee plus sales tax
Fax Service $5.00 first page, $1.00 per page after


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