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Automatic Loan Payment

Automatic Loan Payments


You have better things to do than write checks for your loan payments each month. Have First National Bank take care of that task for you. You can authorize the automatic transfer of payments to your FNB loan accounts from your checking or savings account. 

Automatic Loan Payments from FNB make saving time and money easy!

  • Save money on stamps and envelopes
  • Save time - forget about writing checks and putting them in the mailbox or driving to a branch
  • Save on potential late fees - automatic payments are always on time
  • Protect your credit rating by ensuring prompt payments

You may qualify for a reduced loan rate when you elect to pay your FNB loan with Automatic Loan Payments.

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Notice:   Starting in April, First National Bank will begin issuing EMV (chip-enabled) debit cards.  The Bank anticipates all customers will receive a new EMV (chip-enabled) card over the next 12 month (March 2017).  Often times these cards will be sent substantially before the expiration date of the current cards.  The EMV (chip-enabled) cards can be identified by the rectangular shaped microchip in the upper left section of the card.  Once your EMV (chip-enabled) card is activated the old magnetic strip card will be deactivated.