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Cash management made simple

The Business Sweep Account at First National Bank was developed to eliminate the need for your business staff to transfer cash between your checking and savings account. The "sweep" feature of the account will automatically transfer money in and out of your checking and savings account for you. You will be allowed unlimited transfers to your Money Market Account. However, banking regulations limit the number of automatic transfers from your Money Market Account. Don't worry about that, we will take care of it for you. Let us automatically invest your excess cash so you have time to take care of your business.

  • Designed for business account holders
  • Eliminates need to transfer money between accounts
  • Automatically transfers money in and out of accounts
  • Transfer amount based on predetermined amount
  • Unlimited transfers to your Money Market Account
  • Limited to six automatic transfers from your Money Market Account per month per banking regulations
  • You determine the amount of the minimum balance on your regular checking account
  • No monthly fees if acceptable balance is maintained

If you need help with your cash management come visit us at any of our branch locations to open your Business Sweep Account today.

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