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Positive Pay Security

This is an effective risk management solution for your business that provides the ability to monitor and combat check fraud. Faced with rising incidents and cost of check fraud, banks and business customers are fighting back with a check validating system. You provide us with the information on the checks you write each day and then we build a database of those checks. Each day when we process your checks, the system matches each item against the data base. If the check number and amount does not match the data base, then an exception report is generated. You are then able to determine if it is a valid check and approve or disapprove the check for payment. This allows you to catch fraudulent checks before they are paid, rather than after they clear the banking system. First National Bank offers this risk management solution at a reasonable cost.

  • Effective risk management solution for your business checking account
  • Catch fraudulent checks before they are paid out
  • An electronic form of business insurance to protect you against check fraud
  • Reasonable cost to implement

If you would like more information or have questions about this product please contact one of our commercial loan officers or your local branch office.

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